Towards Tomorrow


There is a new day dawning on the horizon of spiritual possibilities.  For far too long humanity has been locked in a belief system that limits its potential and keeps individuals dependant on sources outside of itself for knowledge and wisdom and the answers to life’s biggest questions.  But that time is over. 

When it comes to spirituality no one religion, tradition, group or person has all the answers. Anyone who claims different is most likely trying to sell you something. But that does not mean that spirituality has no intrinsic value.  Indeed, more and more people are turning away from organized religions and instead are pursuing their own instinctive paths.  Others, while remaining true to the traditions in which they were raised are looking outside of their religion’s teachings for answers to the questions that have yet to be answered.


As individuals around the world begin awakening to their true nature; to their true power and potential; as they begin to wake up to the fact that they have all the answers to their questions inside of themselves,  the question then becomes not “what is truth?” but “how do I apply what I have learned in my daily life?  How do I create a spiritual reality; a spiritual life for myself incorporating everything that I have learned?” 


But even for those who seek out – and find – the answers, there is still the challenge of putting the wisdom that has been gleaned into practice; weaving the knowledge and skills into the fabric of your daily life.


In light of the fundamental changes in human perception that are occurring even as we speak, it is imperative that we not only study the fundamental aspects of the evolving spirituality, but be able to put what we’ve learned into practice in our daily lives. It is with this purpose in mind that TOWARDS TOMORROW has been created.


Designed to be a continuously growing and evolving resource site, TOWARDS TOMORROW is a combination of informational pages, relevant videos and website links to enable you to continue your spiritual journey at the pace and in the direction that is most comfortable for you. But without a doubt the real value of TOWARDS TOMORROW, lies in its series of dynamic blogs. Written by some very talented individuals the blogs are aimed at providing practical applications for the new spirituality.



  • Learn about the power of dreams in The Dream Blog.

  • Explore your energetic abilities in The Energy Blog.

  • Discover the healing power of Spiritual Energy in The Healing Blog.

  • Integrate your Spiritual Energy into your everyday life through practicing the tips and techniques discussed in The Health and Fitness Blog.

  • Explore your Magical Potential in The Magic and Manifestation Blog

  • Calm your mind and soothe your senses through the practice of meditation in The Meditation Blog.

  • Develop your Psychic Abilities through the advice found in The Psychic Development Blog

  • Learn about the true nature of Soulmates & Twinflames as well as how to find yours (or know if you have encountered them) by purusing the information in The Soulmates & Twinflames Blog.

 It’s all here – waiting for you.  So whether you are here to learn more about THE NEW SPIRITUALITY, explore the world of SPRITUAL ENERGY or go straight to the heart of things with PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS, we hope that you will find TOWARDS TOMORROW a resource that works for you.




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