Posted by: rabana | October 1, 2010

The Physical is the Spiritual

Here’s where spirituality starts for me:

‘Well… here I am…in a body…3D…(bangs head against the wall– ouch!)…Now what?!’

I may exist in other realms, dimensions, parallel universes, but if my big toe hurts or if I go to the beach and take some long, full, cleansing breaths of clean air right here in this body on this planet now– that is reality of the moment. Here I am.

For me body and spirit are one and the same, inseparable. They express ultimate reality at this time in this place. A fully spiritual life involves living by natural law, extending love and respect to nature and our body temple.  In order to heal physically, to gather the strength necessary to change long-held beliefs and patterns, we must engage spirit. To not give a sacred place to physicality and natural law is a source of illness in itself.

The errors, the false ideas, the dead end paths all are generated in the mind where we perceive our self as an entire entity separate from all else. Mind can fool me. Body and spirit speak the truth.

The path of true healing, of cleansing, elimination and rebuilding is exactly analogous to spiritual growth. Increased awareness, growing consciousness is spiritual growth.  Similarly, in developing finer awareness of our body sensations and reactions, of the effects of our habits and preferences, we heal physically.  In both cases we must engage in honest inner examination, unlearning the false paths and patterns of the past  in order to rid ourselves of error and useless material.  What manifests openly is sometimes difficult to face and process but once we are free of it we see and feel the improvements in every part of our being.

We all know the area of obvious overlap: ‘Why do i overeat?’ ‘Why am i so tired all the time?’ ‘Why do i always get a headache in that situation?’ Peace of mind accompanied by  a sense of well-being can only occur when attention is given to both physical and spiritual health.

When we seem to be slogging along on the spiritual path, out of touch and foundering, its time to get outdoors, walk and breathe, blink and stretch. the physical supports the spiritual supports the physical

As Spirit whispers  thru my body, Body envelops me and allows expression of all that I am on this plane.


  1. Awesome post! Thanks for this :)

  2. So true! Modern day society has so little respect for the body’s voice. It is more acceptable/easy to mask the symptoms instead of really listening to your body and making the connection to inner health.

  3. ! yes !

  4. thanks for your support everyone.

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