Posted by: darkmoondog | November 21, 2010

Stang and Fairy Dust

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen

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As a Solitary most of my knowledge comes from books, movies and the wiccan Interwebs. I’ll give anything a try as long as it seems pertinent to my path. So, when I read the phrase staff and stang I went immediately to the books and the Web to research what a Stang was.

I had already made a staff. Or as I like to call it my giant wand. ( I’m still waiting to find just the right crystal and LED light to affix to the top to make it a real wizard looking thing.) For now it is merely decorative, part of a lesson I did from learning to be a Witch textbooks.

Naturally, I had to find out what a Stang was and why I didn’t yet have one and if I even needed one to do good magic. With delight and panic I researched and discoverd that a pole that forked and was ususaly made of Ash or some sacred tree was a Stang.

It was the representation of the god and goddess and thier children, a wand, a connection to the Earth, as it was stuck into the ground and served also as a central altar. OK good. Some pagans decorated it for different sabbats. Cool.  I even read some obscure material about how when a horses skull was affixed to a stang and faced in the direction of the enemy it served as a cursing staff, a Nilstang. Spooky, not my thing, but good to know.

Over the last year I had found, made or discovered items that had found me to serve as my magical tools. I think that I’ll let the Stang find me.

Now about Fairy Dust. WTH?! I see this instructional video on YouTube about how to make Fairy Dust. In fact there were several videos about how to manufacture the stuff, but no instructions as to what it was for. Did it repel fairies , like some kind of Fairy -Be- Gone pesticide? Was it supposed to  make them visible( been there done that…scary)? It wasn’t mentioned in any of my Learn to be a Witch books. So, back to the Internet I went to discover the meaning, history and uses of Fairy Dust! exciting.

It was just another form of focussing intent. Like using candles or insence or crystals, it too was designed to help a person focus thought, charge the powder with your will and then sprinkle it . OK. One guy charged his home made fairy dust to act like a lie detector. Some people use it to ward off negative energy or attract love.

Will I make Fairy Dust? Probably not, Fairies in general make me nervous. I’m more of a crystal/ Earth Elemental kind of gal. I like Herbs to. Who knows maybe I’ll warm uop to the idea of making and using Fairy Dust when I have a beter relationship to Fairy Folk.

You have to constatntly re evlaute and retool your energy work. Spiritualality is a living and evolving thing that will adapt and adust to you as you choose to expand what you believe and can do. Leaving old ideas and tools behind are just part of the process of streamlining your faith and keeping who you are and what you believe fresh and powerful.

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  1. Always adapting – always changing – I think that should be a recommended mantra for everyone. Be open to whatever the Universe decides to send your way :)

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