Posted by: sshenry | December 5, 2010

Celebrate the Season of Renewal!

As we enter winter and the holiday season, there is much to celebrate!

Whether you celebrate the Solstice or Hanukkah, Kwanza or Christmas, or nothing at all, December is, by its very nature (and at least in the northern hemisphere) a season of renewal; when all of nature withdraws into itself to recharge itself for the approaching growing season.

Even those who do not pay active attention to the earth’s energies feel a pull towards introspection and re-charging, with the shortened daylight hours encouraging more at-home time and longer sleep-cycles and psychological re-evaluation of their outlook on life; even their belief systems.

For those spiritual seekers who have spent months, years, decades even learning about different spiritual topics; studying different approaches; reading up on theories and issues perhaps a good way to celebrate this season of renewal would be, if you haven’t already, to start applying what you have learned to your daily life. Just think of the implications!

Please feel free to browse our blogs for inspiration, or to contact us if you can think of a subject that we have not covered and that you would like to see addressed. TOWARDS TOMORROW is a work in progress, and we are here for you.

Thank you – and have a happy holiday season!

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