Posted by: darkmoondog | December 29, 2010

Confessions of a Wiccan Fluff Bunny

OMG!  A tiny bunny in a dress!

Image by locket479 via Flickr

Yeah, I do like to dwell on the love and light and unicorn farts aspect of Wicca more than the Dark  Mother and rigours of study. That is not to say that I don’t study. I do, constantly.

I also notice that there are more threads in the wiccan chatrooms dedicated to the hatred of Fluff Bunnies than there are about ritual posture and proper technique of calling the Quarters.

I’ve been at this a year people! There is more to learn and absorb about witchcraft and it’s practice than I could ever comprehend in a lifetime, let alone and year and a day.

Excuse me for loving the shiny censors and just dying to posses a candle snuffer for my designer alter. While I may be too old to be following this path to spite my parents or my strict upbringing, I am new. So let me enjoy the honeymoon phase of Wicca life and cut us Fluff  Bunnies a break.

You want to vent on me and my fluffy friends because we make real witchcraft look bad? Get over it and suck it up. Thor, the God of Thunder and Pan don’t need you to be offended for them. I figure if they need to set things straight about how hard-core and badass the Craft really is, they are gods and can defend themselves.

Pagans and Wiccans both should be thankful, yes thankful, for the inroads that modern magic stereo types have afforded the pagan community. Charmed has made Crone cool again and witches are perceived as powerful, independent and hot!

Harry Potter, bless you Hogwarts, has  softened even the most judgmental and violent Christian attitude to one of almost tolerance. I read an article about how to make wands for party favors for kid’s birthday parties. That, my pagan friends is as fluffy as it gets.

Maybe now your Cristian neighbors won’t try to persecute you. Perhaps your parents will think indulgently you are going through a magic phase; instead of disowning you and spitting on your religion.

Progress is sometimes moved forward by honeyed words and fluffy bunny kisses. Not all change must happen at a sword point. So if I want to use marshmallows in my spell work or build fairy houses in my back garden, give me the respect that you want for your more mature and seasoned beliefs.

I’ll get there. Goddess help me to remember when I do, not to be a Bunny hater.



  1. Corrections: The Dark Mother referred is not from the marvel comics but Hecate. Also I am having trouble editing the word Alter, it should read Altar. Sorry, my spell check isn’t Wiccan.

  2. lol – spell check is a blessing and a curse :p

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