Posted by: sshenry | September 12, 2011

Earth Energy Part 1: Change is in the Air

There is a change in Earth Energy occurring right now unlike anything that has ever happened before. Perhaps you’ve felt it. No, you HAVE felt it, and you are aware of it, even if you don’t realize it. Changes in the Air If you’ve ever watched Lord of the Rings you’ll remember the very first scene; the introduction where Galadriel says:

“The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was, is lost, for none now live who remember it.”

I remember hearing those words for the first time and feeling a shiver down to the soles of my feet in hearing someone speak the words that describe what I’ve been feeling for most of my life. Okay, so part of the shiver was the dark of the theater and the epic music and the accent and timbre of the voice, but the fact is, those words touched something deep inside of me; something that correlated with a knowledge that I’ve had for my entire life.

No, I don’t see dead people (well, not often, but that’s another story). No, I feel earth energy.


What is Earth Energy?

As you know, we are continually in touch with cosmic (or spiritual) energy. Cosmic energy is the energy that flows through and around us every minute of every day. But there are other kinds of energy as well; energy that started out as cosmic energy but, like space and time and matter has clumped together and has taken on a flavor and personality all its own.

Planets do this; they collect energy; bend it and shape it and make it their own. Just as light and gravity get bent by a planet’s gravitational field, so too does cosmic energy bend and collect in a planet’s field; it’s how planets become planets; wrapping themselves up in layers of energy, slowing the vibrations down, covering themselves in layer upon layer of more densely vibrating energy until they are the planets that we know and love. T

his energy; this collected planetary energy has a unique signature; a definitive texture that you can feel right down in your bones, and everyone feels it. Every creature on the planet is aware of earth energy at some point, even if it is on a subconscious level, for the very molecules of their body are in tune with the matter from which they are created.

The feeling of earth energy is significantly different than the feeling that you get from pure cosmic (or spiritual) energy. Unlike the flow of cosmic energy which is like feeling the wind whipping between your body’s cells; earth energy is like a shifting of the cells themselves; a slipping of solidity. And unlike cosmic energy, which leaves people feeling uplifted and in touch with the divine, earth energy tends to leave people feeling slightly anxious. It’s not a negative energy mind you, but it is directly tied to the very foundation of our physical reality; the earth and its seeming solidity.


Feeling Earth Energy

Feeling this energy shift or move, however slightly, can unnerve someone who doesn’t have a grasp of what it is that they are feeling. In fact, most people who don’t understand what it is that they are feeling tend to react negatively to changes in earth energy out of fear. They don’t understand what they are feeling. They may not even be consciously aware of what is happening, but they react to it nonetheless and tend to lash out at anyone or anything around them that they can convince themselves is responsible for their feelings of unease.

Most times they have no trouble finding something on which to pin their fears, for others who have also had violent reactions to this shifting of energy have most likely responded in some way out of anger; hateful violent acts that seem to have no rhyme or reason. In fact, sometimes the first ways that you can attune yourself to earth energy and its changes is to monitor your emotions.

Try to become conscious of your feelings. Do you get a sudden surge of anger or hatred towards someone or something for absolutely no reason? What were you feeling just before that surge of anger? Try to pinpoint it. Chances are you had a sudden feeling of wrongness; of mental unbalance that made you look around quickly to find a reason for your unease. As you broaden your perspective, you’ll become aware of the deeper shifting, and how it feels as if it taking place in your very molecules (which it is).

With time and practice you’ll be able to feel how that shifting in your molecules comes up through the soles of your feet and you will be able to perceive how it is really the changes in the earth’s energy that you are feeling.


What Does it Mean?

And the thing is Galadriel had it right. The earth HAS changed and it is continuing to change. The changes are also speeding up and this can be perceived in the increasing number of pointless and senseless acts violence and hatred as humanity unconsciously reacts to the changes that are taking place beneath their very feet and inside of their own cells.

Two questions of course come up from the observation and awareness of this energy.

1). Why are the changes in earth energy increasing?

2). What does that mean for us?

The answers to these questions may surprise you, for there is more to these shifting earth energies than many realize and what the changes in earth energy mean for us is more important than you may think.


To Be Continued.

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