Posted by: sshenry | December 12, 2011

The Many Faces of Universal Energy

If you’ve studied or read up on physics you’ll know that everything gives off some sort of energy.  Its thanks to atoms with their negatively charged electrons and their positively charged protons, that everything has a ‘charge’ even if the charge is barely detectable (for more on how atoms and electrons work, click HERE).  But there is another kind of energy – a spiritual energy that runs through everything as well, and this energy cannot be seen or measured, only felt and understood, but its impact on our lives is just as profound.

For those sensitive to this spiritual energy, it needs no introduction.  For those who are new to this, you can find out more about spiritual energy HERE.  You can also follow THIS link to learn how to feel this spiritual energy for yourself.

Spiritual (or universal) energy flows through everyone and everything.  As it does so it takes on a unique flavor or “charge”, which is very similar to that of the charge of physical electrical energy.  What this means is that the energy that has been flowing from a person is going to “taste” or “feel” different than the energy that has been flowing through a tree, or a stone, and with practice you can begin to differentiate between the different kinds of energy that are flowing to you from those people and objects around you. In fact, once you begin making the differentiation between energies it becomes far easier to distinguish between the energies of different kinds of stones, or trees; animals, or even individual people.

This is not an instantaneous process, but one which you acquire over time and with practice and different people are going to sense this energy in different ways.  Some people feel the energy like a current against their skin, or like a tingling inside of their brain.  Others sense this energy as a sort of extended taste with flavors that distinguish between the different kinds of energy.  Still other individuals will ‘see’ the energy when they close their eyes; flowing through their minds like multi-colored fireworks or light patterns, and a rare few individuals will be able to put all of those energetic ‘senses’ together to get a more rounded perspective of the incoming energy, creating in their mind a three dimensional, full sensory image of the incoming energy.

Once you have begun to be able to distinguish between different kinds of energies, you will find that the unique incoming energy, once it comes into your perception, is now yours, and you can do with it what you’d like; recharge your own energy stores, convert the incoming energy to the type and/or kind of energy of your choice (turning negative energy to positive energy, chaotic energy to soothing energy etc.), the choices are limitless.  You can even begin combining energies in order to make new combinations; braiding them together much as you would do when creating a flower chain or weaving them into patterns that are aimed specifically at things like healing, energizing or rejuvenating yourself or others.

But before you begin using or manipulating the incoming energy, practice identifying the different kinds of energies until you are fluent at pinpointing which belongs to whom – or what – for not only will this be helpful when you begin working with energy directly, it is also a powerful tool in being able to identify how your personal energetic “space” is being impacted by those people and objects around you, and whether or not you may be in need of learning how to shield yourself against negative or unwanted energy, because not all incoming energies are going to be the kind that you want to expose yourself to.

Watch this blog for future posts regarding identifying and dealing with negative energy and shielding as well as energy braiding and weaving.









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