Posted by: darkmoondog | December 25, 2011

Darkmoondog’s 2012 Forecast

No, the world isn’t coming to an end, sorry, I’m just not seeing it. I know that is pretty boring. We, as human beings love drama and a good horror story, so it is kind of a let down to know that the earth will be fine.

However, I do have some fun predictions and some spooky stuff that I see in the future, so my doom and gloomers will have something to tremble about. First the bad news…

Food and water born diseases will become more frequent. E coli and Listeria keep popping up. I see people getting ill and even dying from eating or drinking things that they purchased in really nice grocery stores. I can’t stress enough, wash everything really well, boil and filter your water. Most of all, listen to your gut feelings. If you have doubts about something you are about to eat, just don’t eat it.

Nutritional value in foods will be dropping. Buy local produce when you can and grow your own for max food value.

People living near coastlines, expect more flooding, harsher storms and difficulty in getting power during and after the storms. Not catastrophic but damn annoying. I suggest that the elderly move to higher ground and inland for a more relaxed existence. The East coast of the United states in particular seems to be getting a higher sea level combined with the land mass itself sinking over time. Annoying and expensive to keep fighting the flooding and the record breaking storms.

Global air quality getting harder to breathe. This time it isn’t mankind that is to blame. Volcanic activity is on the rise. I see children and the elderly suffering the most at this time. Again, not enough volcanic pollution to radically change the climate but enough to irritate and sicken the very young and the very delicate of health.

Now the good news predictions of 2012! Animal rights are being respected and recognized in more countries of the world. A global awakening of respect and compassion for our animal friends. ( I like this very much.)

I see a vegetable fuel being developed and used in several countries. It looks like a root vegetable to me like a red sweet potato thing. It is grown and used for fuel locally. Less dependence on outside oil and gas. For the US I see the pipeline from Canada being built. Great for jobs but the price of gas doesn’t drop till 2014.

Nutritional breakthrough that benefits Alzheimer’s and Autism patients. ( Late Summer 2012) Technological breakthrough in water filtering and desalinization.

I see a new toy for children being made. It is a sculptural gel like block that can be molded and then it hardens for a while then is mold-able again. I saw a commercial “vision” of a little boy pressing his face in it and it held the impression for a few minutes before flattening out again. Hillarious. ( I want to buy it!)

I see a fully translatable library of Chinese herbal medicine, including acupuncture and massage going online. This has a major positive impact on the health and well being of humanity for generations to come. ( Early Spring 2012)

Those are the stand out events that I see. Mostly because those are issues that interest me and seem highlighted in my visions and meditations. Keep me honest and call me on it if these things don’t come to pass. Do comment if you have similar predictions also!

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  1. Maybe – just maybe – if we all focused on bringing these kinds of things to pass – they would manifest! Thank you :)

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