Posted by: sshenry | January 7, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

2012 has finally made its debut, and already there are moanings and groanings from those who claim to be disappointed that it hasn’t lived up to their expectations. But that is the problem with expectations; they tend to backfire when things don’t turn out the way that you thought.


So what are your expectations for 2012?


Are you looking for something dramatic, such as unparallel earth changes? Or maybe you’re waiting for disclosure as to the existence, involvement with or contact with benevolent alien races? Maybe you’re looking for the return of a messiah, or the fulfillment of other Biblical prophecies.  Or perhaps your hopes lie more towards a paradigm shift that will allow for mankind to finally get its collective act together and work towards building a more utopian society.


Whatever your expectations, know that you cannot rush the cosmic timeline. What is supposed to be will happen exactly when it is supposed to, and just because those things you have come to associate with 2012 don’t pan out the way that you expected does not mean that there are not changes afoot. Indeed, the changes are occurring even as we speak; internal changes as person after person begins waking up to the true nature of reality and of their place and purpose in the grand scheme of things.


So take heart.  Just because the changes aren’t obvious to you – or just because they are not the changes you were expecting – it does not mean that things are not changing.  What it means is that it is time to quiet your heart and mind and decide what is important in your own life and just how big of a part you want your spirituality to play in your own day-to-day existence, and this is where Towards Tomorrow can be of assistance.


Presenting a new approach towards spirituality, Towards Tomorrow can help you to tie together everything that you have learned and want to include in your spiritual practice.  From articles on twin flames, magic and meditation to the development of psychic abilities, natural healing, and fitness to dream interpretation and energy work, you can find what you are looking for at Towards Tomorrow, and can use it to make 2012 your best year yet!


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