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Recalling Your Energy

Identifying Energy Drains

Do you ever feel as if you continually being drained of all your energy; as if you are mentally and emotionally exhausted?   It is a strange feeling, and one which, unfortunately, is all too common with many people.  Some people chalk it up to spreading themselves too thin, others to emotional of psychic vampires, and some get really creative with complex government plots that are designed to make the populace energetically exhausted so that they are easier to control.  Luckily there is a fairly simple explanation – and an even simpler solution.

Chances are that you did this to yourself.

No, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying that there is not such a thing as psychic vampires or that the government might not have designer devices stashed away somewhere, or that you’re not doing too much.  All of these could be true.  However, there are ancient practices that speak of this very phenomenon, and they all point to the same source.

According to Kundalini literature, the drain that you are feeling comes from the energetic connections that you have made with others throughout your life; individuals and situations and beliefs that once served a purpose or where important to you but which have fallen by the wayside over time but to whom (and which) you are still connected and to whom and which you are still feeding your own energy even though it is no longer necessary.

Yes, I know, if we are all “one” with the universe and everything in it, how could we NOT be connected to everyone and everything?

We are connected.  At our very basic and most fundamental level we share connections with every other being and life form in the whole of creation.  However, in order for reality as we know it to exist  and in order for us to be able to experience life we also have to have a level of separation where we can think and exist independently of others, and this independent part of us requires a specific amount of energy to operate.

We get the energy to operate – to experience life as individuals – by the arrangement of Chakras (energy centers) in our body.  These Chakras tie us in to the different levels of subtle energies that surround us but also direct the flow of spiritual energy within an individual’s body in order to facilitate  our ability to experience life fully and completely.

While there is no end to the source from which the energy comes (universal spiritual energy) in most people there is a limit to the amount that can be processed at any one time.  In short, there is a limit to the amount of energy that you can be processing and giving out to others at any one time without becoming depleted yourself.

Now, while replenishing this energy is not difficult, in most people it takes a while to process.  You can compare it if you like to the digestive system.  You eat the food because you are hungry and your body needs energy in order to function.  But the food has to get broken down, absorbed and converted before you can make use of it.  The same holds true with the energy that we use to replenish our systems.  And just as the body’s digestion can get clogged due to physical ailments, causing sluggish or slow digestion, so too can the energy centers get clogged or sluggish due to emotional and psychological issues and ailments that continue to plague us.

One of the easiest ways to get your energetic system flowing more smoothly is to remove those emotional and psychological issues that are knotting up our energy system, but this in and of itself takes energy – energy which you are currently expending on outdated and outmoded issues, beliefs, relationships and the like, which is why it is so important to recall your energy.

You see every time that we “connect” with someone in any significant way, we transfer a bit of our energy to them.  The deeper the interaction or connection with the person the deeper and stronger the energy connection will be.  Unfortunately most of us do not terminate this connection when the relationship or interaction is over.  This means that we might still be feeding energy (even if in small amounts) into maintaining this connection.  If a belief or relationship no longer serves you, however, there is no reason to continue maintaining this connection.  In fact, too many of these connections can lead to the feeling of energetic malaise and exhaustion that many of us feel.

In order to recall our energy from these beliefs and relationships that no longer serve a purpose, you have to remove your energy from the situation.  There are a number of ways to do this, and those who do energy work will most likely have developed their own methods for recalling their energy.   But for those who are new to the idea, you can try this method.


Close your eyes and sit quietly for a few minutes, breathing deeply until you can imagine the core of energy inside of yourself.  Feel how it burns and glows inside of you.

Now notice how it has tendrils that snake away from the core.  Some of these tendrils will be thick and pulsing. Follow these tendrils in your mind and see where they lead. Most of the thick pulsing tendrils will most likely lead you to currently held beliefs or active relationships or situations into which you are actively feeding energy.  The smaller tendrils, on the other hand, may lead to places and people that you didn’t expect them to; old (sometimes hurtful) relationships; sometimes to outmoded beliefs; sometimes to expectations and assumptions that wreck havoc in your life.

Now you need to disconnect.  While there are some that recommend simply “cutting” the cords, it really is not that simple, for we are talking about energy here.  As long as there is anything left of you in the other person or situation, the connection will remain even if the tendril has been severed.

This is your energy we are talking about.  Other people may have connected their energy tendrils to you, but what you need to focus on is removing your energy from whom or what you originally connected it to.

Recalling is quite simple actually.  You simply imagine that your energy reacts like a fishing reel.  You can push the automatic button to recall the lines (energy) and feel as they begin to pull out and retract.  Again, don’t snap or cut the cords, because as long as a part of you remains in that other person you will still be connected.

Instead, gently reel in the energy of all of those energy tendrils that lead to old beliefs or relationships that no longer serve you.  Pull them right back into your core and feel how much stronger your core energy feels at this point.  You’ll most likely notice a decided jump/spike in your energy levels that may actually leave you feeling rather giddy.

Note:  If you encounter a stubborn tendril (or tendrils) ones that absolutely will not retract, do not attempt to force it!  Chances are that you have encountered a soul bond of some sort.  These connections do serve a purpose, even if you no longer particularly want to be connected to the person any longer or are not even sure why you are connected to them or how you got connected in the first place.

What Does This Mean for You?

It is a good idea to do this type of recall intermittently in order to keep your energy from becoming depleted by having it spread out too thin. Of course it would be even better if you were mindful of the relationships and beliefs that you are currently constructing or disassembling and retracted your energy as you disassemble your relationship or belief.  But even so, it is still good to do this now and again to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected connections that might somehow be draining you as well.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to get to the point where your chakras are so open and are flowing so smoothly that you have energy and to spare regardless of how many connections you make.  But most individuals have not gotten to that point yet.  As you do begin clearing out your Chakras and enhancing your connection with your inner core of energy (and its connection with source) you will find it easier and easier to maintain relationships without them depleting you energetically.


  1. Very insightful. I used a ho oponopono technique for separating myself from the people and situations to which I am corded but I like your suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

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