Posted by: sshenry | April 16, 2012

Five Steps for Working with Your Dreams

What Are Dreams? It has been said that by psychologists that dreams are a direct link to the subconscious.  It has been said by great spiritual masters that dreams are a direct link to your higher self, and it’s very possible that they are both right.

Regardless of whether you are trying to plumb the depths of your subconscious self or are trying to get in touch with your higher self, dreams can prove to be the bridge that you are looking for and the five steps below can help you in getting in touch with that inner or higher self; that part of you that is trying to tell you something and which is sending you messages while you sleep.

The key, of course, is in learning how to not only remember the dreams that you have, but to learn how to interpret those dreams so that you can use the messages to make the necessary changes in your own life.

The Five Steps for Dream Work

Step #1).  Keep a Dream Journal.  It doesn’t matter if you buy a special journal or if you use a spiral bound notebook, what matters is that you keep your dream journal at your bedside and that you write your dream down immediately upon waking.  Don’t wait!  The longer you wait to record a dream the harder it can be to hold on to and remember.

Step #2).  Invest in a Dream Dictionary.  There are a large number of dream dictionaries on the market today.  You can find some fairly good websites that have dream symbolism, but a comprehensive dream dictionary can definitely come in handy, especially if you keep it by your bedside for a quick reference when you are recording your dream in your dream journal.

Step #3).  Get a Full Night’s Sleep.  It’s a proven fact that dreams tend to usually occur just before the end of a sleep cycle.  Sleep cycles are unique to the person.  Some people can be fully functional after a solid four hours of sleep, others need at least eight.  A person sleeping 8-10 hours tends to get 1-2 sleep cycles per night’s sleep depending on their bio-rhythms, whereas a person sleeping 4-6 hours tends to only get one sleep cycle and sometimes not even a full one at that.  That being said, getting at least one full sleep cycle can make sure that you allow for “dreamtime.”

Step #4).  Ask For a Specific Dream.  Before you go to bed at night ask your higher self for a dream that will answer a specific question or deal with a particular issue.  You can also “tell” your subconscious self that you want a dream dealing with whatever issues you are dealing with at the present time.  Both will listen to you and do as you ask.

Step #5).  Interpret Your Dreams.  Interpreting your dreams can be a tricky business and a dream dictionary is only the first step in interpretation.  While a dream dictionary can give you a good idea as to what specific things in your dreams represent, only you can tie the symbols together into something that makes sense to you.  I suggest that you use a separate notebook for your dream interpretations.  You can transcribe them from your dream journal and then get to work on their symbolism and how it applies to your daily life.

Putting It All Together

As you can see, there are many aspects to learning how to work with your dreams, but the five steps above should help you in getting a start.  So good luck, and don’t get discouraged.  It can take time and patience to learn how to interpret your dreams with any sort of skill, but it is a skill that can be learned, so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to interpret what it is that your subconscious or higher self is trying to tell you.




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