Posted by: sshenry | April 17, 2012

Are You Psychic?

One of the first things anyone with a smidgen of interest in psychic abilities will ask (either of themselves or of someone else) is “Can I possibly be psychic?”  The answer, of course, is a definite “YES!”

No, there are no tests that you need to take, no books that you need to read in order to confirm the fact that you are psychic.  If you were born a human being then you were born with psychic abilities, end of story.

So, you may ask, why isn’t everyone running around having visions and channeling messages from beyond and doing past life readings or gazing into teacups or crystal balls for the answers to questions?  Why is it that most of us can barely find our car keys let alone our purpose for being here on Earth or the buried treasure that Great Aunt Edith supposedly buried in the back yard before she died?  The answer, simple as it may seem, is just this – most of us are out of practice.

An answer with a bit more oomph to it would have something to do with the fact that our current society tends to downplay and belittle psychic abilities – unless of course you happen to be able to predict a major national or global disaster – or are able to get a high-profile politician to endorse you.  Psychics on the whole are seen as scam artists who prey on the insecurities of those who have lost loved ones or who are going through other emotionally traumatic events.  But have you ever noticed that these societal labels don’t seem to faze kids in the slightest?

Very rarely will you be able to find a family, who doesn’t have a “cute” story about a small child that “knew” that grandma had died, or that grandpa needed a doctor, or that told Uncle Mike where to find his car keys.  It’s also not unusual for children to “know” things instinctively; that a certain person can (or can’t) be trusted, that someone is lying to them and even being able to tell from a distance when someone they care about is in trouble, in pain or in danger.  The majority of children also have imaginary playmates; people that they talk to, who play with them, who tell them things that the child couldn’t have heard anywhere else.

All of these things are accepted as being “normal” stages of childhood behavior; all of the child development experts agree that these stages are necessary and that children will grow out of them in time.  And wouldn’t you know it; most of us DO outgrow these abilities.  Why?  Not because we suddenly loose the abilities, but rather because society programs the children to doubt the legitimacy of what they are seeing, feeling, hearing or knowing.

Notice that I said abilities.

That’s right, I called them abilities because these are not simply stages of childhood development, everything listed here is a form of psychic ability; abilities that each of us have inherent in us at birth and which society drills out of us – usually by the time we are teenagers if not sooner.

Yet as flat lined as our psychic abilities may be thanks to societal conditioning, there are some things that have ‘slipped through’ even the strongly guarded walls of adult hood.

Consider for instance déjà vu.  Déjà vu is that weird feeling you get where you are confined that you have had this particular experience before.  Most people brush it off as just a “feeling” when in fact it is a remnant of the ability to see into the future.  Or perhaps you are a mother who has had children and you woke up in the middle of the night “knowing” that your child needed you, only to discover that they did.  Or maybe you have had dreams that resonated deeply and which later turned out to actually come true.

All of these are indicators of latent psychic abilities; abilities and senses which, with the proper practice and study, can become as real to you as any of the five senses that you use on a daily basis.

So strap yourselves in everyone, we’re about to launch ourselves on a discovery of the different kinds of psychic abilities out there, how you can develop your own latent powers, and more importantly, what these abilities will mean for you in a real life setting.


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