Posted by: darkmoondog | July 23, 2012

Madea lessons of a Powerful Witch

Say her name and it evokes the horror of a mother unnaturally killing her own children. That is how she was ultimately demonized and stripped of her power, her passion. She, who is the icon of the totally passionate and mystically empowered female seem reduced to crazy monster. I challenge that. I shake my fist at the interpretation of her fate and offer you insight to the inner heart of a truly magnificent female and witch.

A princess and high priestess she could have had any man she wanted and she loved Jason. She loved him so much that she threw herself headlong into supporting him and his endeavors with an artful and all consuming passion. Who among the fairer sex has not done this? We women of creative intent, self made females, women of standing and wealth, magic ladies ; we can and do fall hopelessly in love with a swarthy bad boy and we want him!

No witch worth her sacred salt would take on a man unless he could prove her equal, or at least if not equal then as devoted to her as she him. So Medea tests him. We always test a man. Can he be loyal? Can he take me as I am? Can he wrap his mind around my power and unseen beauty that is woven in the fabric of my magic and soul? She both tests and assist Jason. He seems worthy and is richly rewarded( due to her cunning and guidance) and takes honor, beautiful gypsy princess and wealth back home.

Take heed all you women, of Medea’s fatal flaw. She gave everything up for him and he gave nothing for her. You know you have done this because you feel that sick tightening in your stomach right now. She murdered and politically maneuvered and cast spells to turn even nature to the whim and will of the man she adored in hopes that he would love her back. All she begged was that he marry her…

Blind and seduced by her obsessive passion for him, Madea uses/ is used for her powerful magic, her valuable political connections and her profound wisdom in healing, war and strategy. Have you done this? Have you allowed the object of your affection to tap your hidden strengths all for the sake of love? Have you hoped in your devotion that some bond and some invisible love connection would somehow weave a more powerful love between you?

Madea gives the best years of her life to Jason, she has made her mission in life to enhance Jason’s goals and dreams and even presents him with not one but two gorgeous bi-racial sons. Their sons. She a princess and High Priestess of Hecate, the constant companion and often savior of her impetuous and sometimes bull headed husband she has made him the man he is. You would think that he might feel some kind of loyalty and devotion to the magnificent woman he married.

Jason returns home a powerful force, staggeringly wealthy, flush with victory and is promptly courted by the king and offered a fresh young new princess to seal the deal.Listen carefully now, Jason believes his own press. His ego has clouded him to the fact that his entire success is owed to Madea’s love for him and nothing else. He should have been dead years ago, broke, friendless, butt hurt in a ditch but he returns in triumph because Madea has supported him all along. 

Now, Madea travel worn, two kids later, dark from the rough living on board ships under a harsh Medditerainian sun is dumped for a pale palace raised princess. Her beautiful mulatto princes slatted for the sex slave market to get them conveniently out of the way.Just in case they might want to claim any royal rights. 

Madea would rather mercifully end their tender young lives in their sleep than subject her darling children to the perverse Greek appetites that would surely ravage and rape her beautiful golden boys. No political rights in this foreign country she is now herself just a dirty gypsy, abandoned and gutted at the loss and betrayal of her one true and abiding love. 

Jason takes everything from her. Her status, her security, the love of her life, her sacrifice and leaves her like dung in the street. He forgets however, that he cannot take her wisdom of the ancient arts, her brilliant strategical mind or her natural intense passionate temperament. These things  she still possesses. The power and unseen genius we all have as women that can be used for powerful good can also, in a fit of despair, be used for powerful destruction.

Madea, Mother, Witch, Lover, Wife, Woman in Powerful Places, she teaches us to hold back our desire for passionate love long enough to see the true colors of a man. If however we succumb to the tender trap of love and lose all and destroy everything around us; we will survive and be able to go home and start again…bridges smoking behind us, our betrayer and rivals heaps of ashes.

Are you honoring your inner Madea? What is her troubled past telling you to do? Is this man worth it? Are you trying to buy loyalty and affection by being his personal goddess? Have you sacrificed everything only to be abandoned?

Reach inwardly and find that quiet powerful place in the center of your soul and take a deep drink. Find that balance of love and risk. Demand equality and respect as well as passion and unbridled sensuality. Measure the cost of personal obsession against future regret. Then live like you don’t care what stands in the way of your creative force of nature.

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