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Spiritual Energy makes itself in many ways, shapes and forms, but perhaps one of the most dramatic ways that it makes its presence known is in the manifestation of psychic abilities.


Psychic abilities can take on many shapes and forms. Most people have a natural tendency towards one or another kind of psychic ability.   In some people it manifests as strong intuition (hunches) empathy (feeling what another feels) or precognition (knowing something is going to happen before it happens).  In others it can take the form of ESP abilities such as clairaudience, clairvoyance or clairsentience.  But whether you can move objects with your mind (telekinesis) or be able to tell who last handled an object (psychometry) the fact remains that by working with and mastering your natural abilities you will open yourself up to more skills and abilities.


While some people have an instinctive knowing of where their talents lie, some only know that they have the desire to learn and wish to understand how to tell in which skills they possess.


Here in the Psychic Development Blog you will find methods of determining your own psychic abilities as well as in-depth descriptions of various psychic abilities and methods by which you can learn to develop the skills and talents that you have and put them to use in your everyday life.



To explore the world of Psychic Development, select “psychicblog” from the Blog Menu at the top right of the page. 


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