Spiritual Energy

What is Spiritual Energy?


Spiritual Energy is the source from which all of material reality – indeed from which all life was created.  Yet not only is it the stuff that all life is made from, it is also the bond that connects everything in the universe into a vast multi-layered and interconnected web of energy.  And what is the force that travels up and down these web strands; the force that flows through and between everything that is connected by this web?  You guessed it – Spiritual Energy.  


Everything is made up of, connected by and affected by Spiritual Energy, and while it has been called different things by different people in different times and places, and even though there are varying views on how Spiritual Energy can be awoken and what it can be used for, they all agree on one point; if a person’s awareness and attention can be focused properly, each and every one of us has the ability to not only be aware of but to feel and even harness spiritual energy for a myriad of purposes.


How Does Spiritual Energy Manifest?

We are surrounded by and are filled with Spiritual Energy at every moment of the day.  Some people are born with an intuitive sense of it and can detect subtle changes in its flow and output without ever having to be instructed.  But most pick up on it as they go along – many times they don’t even realize what it is they are feeling.


 Have you ever had a moment of insight so profound that it sends a shock down your spine and everything around you takes on greater clarity and focus?  Have you ever felt the hair stand up on the back of your neck and know without a shadow of a doubt that someone is watching you?  Are there times when you know exactly what someone is going to do or say before they do or say it?  Have you ever been staring at a person or animal or plant and realize that you see a haze of light or color around them? Have you ever met a stranger’s eye and felt a profound sense of recognition flow between you?


All of these are ways in which Spiritual Energy manifests itself in the physical world every day, and there are other ways as well.  But perhaps the most profound way that Spiritual Energy makes itself known is in the calm collected knowing that comes when you are working in line with the Universe and everything just starts falling into place.


What Good Is Spiritual Energy In Everyday Life?

Even if you can feel every nuance and fluctuation of Spiritual Energy, even if you are ultra- aware of synchronicities and connections with other people and unusual and unexpected events, you may be wondering what good being aware of Spiritual Energy does for you.  Does it have any practical applications?  The answer would be yes. 


Once you are aware of the ebb and flow of spiritual energy; once you have opened your mind to the possibilities that it encompasses, you can learn to control and direct the flow of Spiritual Energy through and around you for clarity of mind, direction and communication with your guides or higher self and your own health and well-being.  Plus, once you have mastered the flow of your own energy it is perfectly possible to learn to project your energy away from yourself and infuse it with intent and direction for any manner of things that need to be done.


In short, the possibilities are endless.  But one must start somewhere, and learning about the different ways that Spiritual Energy has been recognized or manifests itself is a good place to start.  To that end, TOWARDS TOMORROW has created a series of information pages regarding Spiritual Energy.  Click on any one of the links below to begin your exploration


The human Aura is luminous energy field that surrounds and interlaces with the human body.  Generated by the Chakra System (see below), the size, color and general strength of one’s aura can indicate overall health as well as physical and emotional fluctuations.   Learn more by clicking on the link. READ MORE



 The Chakra System is a series of energy centers that serves as pumps – or valves if you like – to regulate the flow of Spiritual Energy through our bodies.  Learn more about the Chakras, how they are affected by thoughts, emotions and perceptions and how you can learn to regulate the flow of your own Spiritual Energy.  READ MORE.


Sometimes the most powerful manifestation of Spiritual Energy comes from our connection with others, and sometimes those connections are so intense that we know that there is something important happening.    Click on the link to learn more about Soul Mates, Soul Groups and Twin Flames.  READ MORE.


 Spiritual Energy, when properly channeled, can be used for any number of things – including the healing of your own and others’ physical and emotional traumas.  Learn about Spiritual Healing, including ancient and more modern healing methods, by clicking on the link.  READ MORE.



Kundalini Energy is the energy of your being which sits coiled at the base of your spine like a serpant and which, as it awakens, coils its way up through your Chakra System until it meets up with the decending divine energy.  The result?  A Kundalini Awakening, or a taste of Enlightenment.  Click on the link for more information.   READ MORE


 Every material object is, at its most fundamental level, vibrating at specific ocalations and frequencies thanks to it’s shell of dancing electrons.  Stones and crystals are no exception.  The specific vibrations of certain stones and crystals can bring your body into alignment with their vibrational level.  The uses of this phenomenon range from enhanced meditation to healing.  Find out more by clicking on the link.   READ MORE.


It is coming to be accepted that thoughts, feelings and emotions can have a direct impact on the health of the body.  Learn more about the mind-body connection and how to make your thoughts and emotions work for you.  Click on the link to learn more READ MORE.


 The energy field surrounding the body, whose visible aspect is known as the Aura, is known as the Subtle Energy System (or Body).  It consists of interpenetrating layers of energy that are connected at their core to the Chakras.  Find out more about the Subtle Energy System by clicking on the link.   READ MORE


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