Energy Connections: Soulmates & Twinflames

The Deepest Connections


One of the easiest ways to feel Spiritual Energy is in our connections to others around us. We speak of friendship and love, of people who give out good vibes of people who are charismatic, of people who “light up a room.” All of these are examples of energy in motion.


We recognize the Spiritual Energy in another through these feelings, and we like what we feel. We are drawn to it. But every now and again there are people whose energy attracts us so instantly, so strongly, that it seems almost magical. We speak of an “instant connection” to another person, of an “instant recognition.” And the strength of it awes us. These are people with whom we are so in tune that it seems as if we have known them forever, even if we’ve only met them. The reason for this feeling is that we have known them forever, or at least for a very long time, and chances are that the individuals for which we feel such strong connections fall into one of three groups; soul mates, soul groups, or twin flames.


 What are Soul Mates?

In spite of what how our society, particularly Hollywood has portrayed them, soul mates are not necessarily our “one true love.” Soul mates are those who are on or very close to our vibrational level and whose soul purpose is in alignment with our own. Soul mates are not necessarily lifelong partners. They come and go. We are in alignment with them for a while – as long as our soul purposes are in alignment – and then we move on.


Sometimes we are brought together with soul mates for specific purposes such as projects or spiritual growth or to bring children with specific energy matrixes into the world. When we meet such people we feel compelled to be with them – to work or be with them – we know that this is the right thing to do. The problem of course is what happens when two soul mates’ soul purposes begin to divulge. They start to drift apart. This should be a natural thing but unfortunately ego tends to get in the way and we assign hurt and anger to these sorts of break-ups. Instead we should be open to the flow of Spiritual Energy, including how it brings people into our lives, and takes them away again.


What are Soul Groups?

Soul groups – as compared to soul mates – are individual souls with which we have been connected for a very lo

ng time. We’ve been working together through multiple lifetimes in order to achieve certain goals. These individuals are recognizable due to our instant connection on a subject of mutual interest. These individuals you know that you would do anything for and who would do anything for you. There is never any question of repayment or loyalty. Repayment isn’t something that is thought about and loyalty isn’t an option – it simply is. These connections are, on the whole, more enduring than soul mates.


What are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames are, on the whole, the most intense energy connection one can have. Each one of us has a twin soul – or twin flame, an Other whose energy vibrates on the same level or frequency and who we recognize instantly upon meeting. Again, this is not necessarily a romantic interest, although it can be. However, Twin Flame energy goes far and beyond the definitions of any label. It is more than romantic love, or love for a friend, for a brother or sister, for a parent or mentor. It includes all of these kinds of love – and at the same time is far beyond them.


The instant recognition is because the energy you sense is, in effect, your own. You and your twin flame were One energy a long time ago, but in order to help the spiritual evolution of life you split into two so that you could learn twice as fast.


There is something incredibly special about twin flame energy. Due to the nature of the shared energy, of two individuals on the exact same frequency/wavelength working in tandem, any energy work you and your twin flame do is amplified beyond that which you can do yourself. The work you do together becomes far and away greater than the sum of its parts. Many times we have worked apart from our twin flame in order to accomplish and experience more, but as we come closer to the transition point, to the next step in humanity’s spiritual evolution, more and more twin flames are being drawn together in order to bring humanity to an energetic tipping point.


This, as you can see, is a lot of information – but it only begins to scratch the surface of the concept of soul mates, soul groups and twin flames. Please feel free to use the links below to continue your quest.



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