The New Spirituality

Awakening to the New Spirituality


We are living in one of the most exciting times in all of human history for right now as you are reading this; humanity is undergoing one of the most profound evolutionary shifts of all time.  Right now, all around us, people are changing as their perceptions of the world and their place in it begins to shift.   In short, human perception is expanding beyond that of the customary five senses. 


Up until the last few decades, 99% of the human race has been skimming along on top of the surface of reality like so many two-legged water bugs; reveling in our role as masters of Planet Earth and blissfully unaware that just below the so-solid seeming surface on which we live out our busy and productive lives lies an entire world.  A world so incredibly different from the one we inhabit that it may as well be on another planet.  


Every now and then some few brave souls would slip beneath the surface and learn to swim, and when they emerged, wide-eyed with wonder, dripping with metaphysical otherness humanity would eye them warily, resistant to their messages because of the strangeness of the ideas, and, no matter how attractive the ideas were, reluctant to enact the change that was required to adopt them.


But now, as humanity’s perception begins to shift, it is becoming clear that the wide-eyed mystics were right all along.  The world that lies beneath the surface of reality is every bit as real as the one in which we’ve been going about our daily business.


And in truth, man has always “known” that there is a deeper reality, but without the means to experience it for themselves, they have had to take it on faith; their belief rested on faith; faith in the stories, the myths, the legends, the religious writings, and all of them interpreted by others; pastors, preachers, priests, medicine men, theological experts.  Their belief was based on faith, and faith was the core tenant of the Old Spirituality.


And that is the biggest difference between the old spirituality and the new spirituality.  The New Spirituality does not require faith.   The beliefs of the New Spirituality are based on experience.  Now that humanity is awakening to the true nature of reality they can see and hear and feel and experience and know the truth for themselves.  All it takes is a mind open to possibilities and the willingness to open oneself up to experience.

Manifesting Individual Spiritual Experience

It’s one thing to be aware of the fact that the New Spirituality is based on personal spiritual experience.  It is another thing altogether to manifest those sorts of spiritual experiences in one’s life.  It takes an opening of the mind, an awareness of the possibilities, and a knowledge of how to go about bringing those experiences into one’s personal life.


To help with this, TOWARDS TOMORROW has created not only a SPIRITUAL ENERGY page where a knowledge of the different ways that spiritual energy can manifest as real life experiences is shared, but also a PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS page, where a variety of blogs  which discuss multiple aspects of putting that spiritual energy to use in everyday life.

Let the experience commence!

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